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Krav Maga Training in Pennsylvania

Created for the Israeli military, Krav Maga is a system often taught for self-defense. Although avoiding confrontation is taught to all students, there are a variety of defensive and offensive strategies taught for the purpose of neutralizing a dangerous opponent. Strikes are focused on vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body, causing more damage with less force.

Students are taught to be aware of their surroundings and use any objects on hand to attack opponents. With roots in Aikido boxing, Judo and Wrestling, Krav Maga utilizes a variety of striking, grappling and joint-locking techniques to harm an attacker. Training is usually done in a way to mimic a real-world scenario.

Our goal here at is to give you a complete list of the Krav Maga training centers near you so that you can choose the one perfectly fits your needs.  If you are have any questions at all, or are having trouble locating a quality facility close to where you live, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help assist you.

Top Online Krav Maga Programs

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Mastering Krav Maga (Volume I) 6 DVD Set -- Self-Defense (Beginner to Advanced) Amazon I cannot recommend this DVD set enough. David is as top notch a teacher as I have ever seen.
Mastering Krav Maga Self Defense (Vol. II) 5 DVD Set - by David Kahn Amazon Second Set of Krav Maga Instructional DVD's by the legendary David Kahn
Self Defense - The Krav Maga On-Line Course Website Learn The Special Moves Used By The Israeli Army, FBI and CIA Designed To Overcome Face To Face Attackers In Seconds!


Krav Maga Training in Pennsylvania

Sharabi Krav Maga 19 Chapel Hill Road Huntingdon Valley (818) 274-7293
Combat Fitness Martial Arts 4099 Landisville Road Doylestown (215) 821-8659
Ving Tsun / Wing Chun Kung Fu school 1111 Mearns Rd Warminster (267) 254-7329
Premier Martial Arts New Castle 2720 Mercer Rd New Castle (724) 654-3325
Premier Martial Arts 1238 Lincoin highway Chambersburg (717) 552-2680
Premier Martial Arts Erie 5444 Peach St Erie (814) 860-1552
Atlantic Krav Maga 350 Jacksonville rd Warminster (215) 675-5679
Lebanon Isshinryu Karate 970 Isabel Drive, Quentin Circle Lebanon (717) 272-9890
Chester County Martial Arts and Krav Maga 55 North Bailey Road. Thorndale (610) 384-7185
Extreme Karate & Fitness 220 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge (215) 379-5500
Premier Martial Arts 1731 Wilmington West Chester Pike Glen Mills (610) 459-1933
WRIGHT'S GYM 20 Foster Ave Pittsburgh (412) 921-1530
Horizon Martial Arts Academy 117 South Custer Ave New Holland (717) 355-9919
Martial Arts Hero Factory 1532-A Packer Ave Philadelphia (215) 551-6252
Northern Tier Kodokan Judo Suite F, 203 South Street Athens (570) 888-0050
Tactical Combat Academy of Mixed Martial Arts 120 South Antrim Way Greencastle (717) 597-2311
Nak Muay Gym 970 Pulaski Drive King of Prussia (484) 751-5380

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