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Kung Fu Training in Colorado

Kung Fu includes all of the Chinese martial arts. Although there are a variety of different styles, many mimic animal movements or were inspired by Chinese myths. A strong system of ethics and morality is introduced to all students.

Physically, Kung Fu students learn basic striking techniques, forms, and weapons techniques. Proper stances and breathing are extremely important, and usually the first things taught to any student. Forms introduce a flow of basic techniques, and must be demonstrated to advance in ranking. Weapons training doesn't usually occur until after a student has advanced to a high level. To make training more applicable to real-world situations, many students participate in sparring.

Our goal here at is to give you a complete list of the Kung Fu training centers near you so that you can choose the one perfectly fits your needs.  If you are have any questions at all, or are having trouble locating a quality facility close to where you live, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help assist you.

Top Online Kung Fu Programs

NameSales ChannelInformation
Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Training Amazon The premier Kung Fu teacher in the world: Dr. Yang teaches the comprehensive fundamentals in this DVD
Kung Fu Body Conditioning: Traditional Training for Endurance and Power Amazon I'm a fan of Dr. Yang for his Understand QiGong series and some of his books, but this DVD is probably my favorite of all
Wudang Kung Fu Fundamental Training, Basic Sequence, and Applications Amazon This rare YMAA DVD offers authentic fundamental kung fu training as it is taught on Wudang Mountain in central China


Kung Fu Training in Colorado

Boulder Kung Fu Academy, LLC. 3200 Carbon Place, Suite 105 Boulder (303) 815-9249
Saeng Myong Martial Arts 590 Burbank Street, #235 Broomfield (720) 566-0677
Parker Academy of Martial Arts 18632 Pony Express Dr Suite 103 Parker (303) 841-0515
Colorado Springs Chinese Shao-Lin Center, Inc. 3011 N. Prospect St. Suite 110 Colorado Springs (719) 377-2108
Kung Fu Underground 700 S. College Ave Unit B Fort Collins (970) 690-1305
Meridian Gate Kung Fu Center 201 Commerce Drive, Suite #3 Fort Collins (970) 308-6689
Academy of Chinese Martial and Cultural Arts 1750 38th Street Boulder (303) 507-3800
Pai Lum White Dragon 5024 Kipling Arvada (303) 431-9019
Shorin Kung Fu 955 Garden of the Gods Rd Suite E Colorado Springs (719) 268-9560
Fusion Academy Martial Arts - FAMA Denver (720) 937-4077
Colorado Kung Fu San Soo 1811 Hover Street Longmont (720) 494-4400
HOLLOW BONES SCHOOL 2805 North Broadway Boulder
10 Tigers Kung Fu 129 East Abriendo Ave Pueblo (719) 671-3221
Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Taiji Institute 15230 E Hampden Ave Aurora (720) 732-7697
Vail Academy of Martial Arts 910 Nottingham Rd Suit N. 1 Avon (970) 949-8121
North Star Martial Arts Boulder (415) 200-8201
Fort Collins Chinese Shao-Lin Kung Fu 2550 S. Taft Hill Road Fort Collins (720) 210-7104
Rocky Mountain Kung Fu and Tai Chi 990 South Public Road Lafayette (720) 775-2839
School Of Chinese Martial Arts 19555 E Parker Square Dr Parker (720) 862-3975
West Gate Kung Fu School 3005 Sterling Circle Boulder (720) 885-9554
Academy of Kung Fu 1075 E. South Boulder Rd. #140 Louisville (720) 890-0942
RAINING SUN Temple Arts 954 North St Unit 203 Boulder (720) 989-1513
Bob Cook 18076 Currant Creek Rd Cedaredge (970) 234-1085
Longmont Wing Chun Academy 1150 Francis Street Longmont (303) 485-7338
Denver Kung Fu 852 Broadway #250 Denver (303)284-8125

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