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Hapkido Classes in Canada

Hapkido is a unique martial art from Korea. Practitioners use a variety of striking techniques to attack opponents, but are also trained in throwing techniques, joint locks and grappling techniques. For long range fighting, there are jumping kicks to cut the distance. Students also learn how to target pressure points and neutralize a threat.

Weapons training is a major focus of students. Some of the weapons used include swords, ropes, canes staffs and guns. All movement is centered on the circle. It teaches students how to redirect force and use that redirection to control an opponent. Using leverage is extremely important to a Hapkido practitioner and allows a student to take on an opponent of a larger size.

Our goal here at is to give you a complete list of the Hapkido training centers near you so that you can choose the one perfectly fits your needs.  If you are have any questions at all, or are having trouble locating a quality facility close to where you live, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help assist you.

Top Online Hapkido Programs

NameSales ChannelInformation
Hapkido Ultimate Self-Defense Amazon With over 3 hours of instruction I was amazed at the amount of material covered in each of the 3 Volumes.
Song's Hapkido White Belt Techniques Amazon Easy to follow, step by step instruction using: close ups, stop action, multiple angles, and detailed narration.
Hapkido Cane - Big Stick Fighting Amazon This set is a treasure of cane techniques for the martial artist. The moves are well explained, shown in many views and in slow motion.


Hapkido Classes in Canada

K1 Tae Kwon Do 20 Cranston Park Ave,Unit 4, Maple Ontario (905) 879-5500
Tae Ryong Park Academy 95 Scurfield Blvd. Winnipeg Manitoba (204) 477-5425
YOON BYUNG OCK MARTIAL ARTS SCHHOL Suite 14-3510 27 St NE, Calgary Alberta (403) 273-590
Korean Hapkido Institute Martial Arts Center 1175 Village Avenue, Prince George British Columbia (250) 964-1843
Korean Martial Arts School 9705 Horton Rd SW #105a Calgary
Hong's Hapkido Martial Arts 2914 St.Johns Street, Port Moody British Columbia (604) 720-2600
Soo Dan Hap-Ki-Do Cornacchio's Martial Arts Centre 181 Gore St. Sault Ste. Marie Ontario (705) 575-4854
Kangho Hapkido Martial Arts Academy 11-2565 Barnet Hwy Coquitlam British Columbia (604) 552-1325
Eagle Hapkido Academy Toronto 781 Danforth Avenue, Toronto Ontario (416) 466-9259
East West Hapkido 183 Geary Ave, Toronto Ontario (416) 595-0617
Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido Calgary Canada Vecova Recreation Centre, 3304 33 Street NW, Calgary Alberta (403) 390-0573
Rising Sun Martial Arts 721 Progress Ave, Scarborough Ontario (416) 438-1291
Hydra Martial Arts & Fitness Club 1320 5 Ave NW Calgary (403) 809-8856
K Martial Arts Centre 4222 Dawson St, Burnaby British Columbia (778) 891-0302

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