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Jiu Jitsu Classes in Washington

Jujutsu is a Japanese close-combat martial art. The main purpose of jujutsu is to defeat an armored opponent without a weapon, or with a short weapon. Students are taught to use the force of an opponent against themselves. Through pins, joint locks and throws, students are taught ways to take the momentum of an opponent and use it to their advantage.

Throwing techniques are taught to all students, and training involves both throwing and breaking a fall. There are few striking techniques practiced in Jujutsu, although some school teach some striking. In addition to practicing grappling techniques, students also learn weapons techniques.

Our goal here at NinjaPHD.com is to give you a complete list of the Jiu Jitsu training centers near you so that you can choose the one perfectly fits your needs.  If you are have any questions at all, or are having trouble locating a quality facility close to where you live, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help assist you.

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Jiu Jitsu Classes in Washington

Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts 2900 NE Blakeley St Suite C Seattle (425) 457-4947
Monroe MMA 14815 Chain Lake Rd Ste H Monroe (360) 243-3807
Srisuk Muay Thai 2519 Pacific Hwy E Unit G Tacoma (253) 232-2679
Team Evolution MMA 3852 S 66th St Tacoma (253) 572-9066
Alpha Martial Arts - Bryant 2923 NE Blakeley Street (1 block North of University Village) Seattle (206) 528-3737
Old School Martial Arts Academy 1331 N. Goerig St., Suite A Woodland (360) 600-5426
Progressive Jiu Jitsu 5909 NE 109th Ave, Suite A Vancouver
Gracie Barra Yakima 140 south 72Nd suit 130 Yakima (509) 965-3227
Warhorse Karate 13312 E Sprague Spokane Valley
Shayne Simpson Martial Arts 1600 Kentucky St Bellingham
Bainbridge Island Family Martial Arts 7865 NW Day Road West, Building B Bainbridge Island (206) 842-4468
SHAYNE SIMPSON'S Karate, MMA, BJJ & Kickboxing Center 1600 Kentucky St B4 Bellingham (360) 734-5118
East West Martial Arts & Karate of West Vancouver 6204 NE Highway 99 West Vancouver (360) 695-6845
MKG Martial Arts & Fitness 10714 5th Ave NE Seattle (206) 789-2411
Team Mean MMA 1830 Bickford Ave Snohomish (425) 344-4047
PINNACLE MARTIAL ARTS 9717 160th St E Puyallup (253) 840-2144
PUYALLUP BRAZILIAN JIUJITSU 15111 105th Ave. Ct. E Suite A Puyallup (253) 770-1212
Foster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (FBJJ) 8256 S 192nd St Kent (253) 208-3270
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of Tacoma 3630 South Cedar St Tacoma (253) 426-8197
Praxis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 300 Fairview Ave N Seattle (360) 329-2289
Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2221 Everett Ave. Suite 103 Everett (425) 330-8853
Quincy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Quincy
Gracie Barra Bellevue 2505 152nd ave NE Redmond (425) 753-8288
Hybrid Gym Mixed Martial Arts 5943 State Hwy 303 NE Bremerton (360) 373-0662

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