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Taekwondo Classes in Oregon

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with a strong focus on kicking techniques. It is a blend of other Korean fighting martial arts, Karate and Chinese martial arts. Unlike some other popular styles of martial arts, Taekwondo teaches a wide variety of kicks. Students learn head kicks, spinning kicks and jumping kicks. There are also hand techniques, which include punches, blocks and open-handed strikes.

Forms and sparring are key parts of training, although many schools also emphasize the importance of fitness. Students learn discipline, respect and confidence in addition to the physical aspects of the martial art. There are several different schools pf Taekwondo, each with slightly different forms, sparring rules and differing philosophies.

Our goal here at NinjaPHD.com is to give you a complete list of the Taekwondo training centers near you so that you can choose the one perfectly fits your needs.  If you are have any questions at all, or are having trouble locating a quality facility close to where you live, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help assist you.

Top Online Taekwondo Programs

NameSales ChannelInformation
Traditional Taekwondo Forms - Volume One Amazon The first 12 original International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) forms performed by Grandmaster Tae Sung Kang. Step-by-step instruction/guidance through each form.
American Taekwondo: White - Black Belt DVD's by Master James Holan Amazon All Techniques are taught by Master James Holan and then his actual students will show them to you also.
WTF Competition Taekwondo Sport Poomsae Amazon The only instructional Sport Taekwondo Poomsae DVD in the market.


Taekwondo Classes in Oregon

US World Class Taekwondo 14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr #109 Beaverton (503) 524-4800
Silverton Self Defense 208 Lewis Street Silverton (503) 873-4555
BEST Martial Arts Institute 795 Almaden Street. Eugene (541) 345-0684
Coquille Martial Arts 74 E 1st St Coquille (541) 396-5576
Lee's Martial Arts Academy (Taekwondo & Hapkido) 8263 SW Wilsonville Rd. Suite A. Wilsonville (503) 682-2318
Hwang's Martial Arts 642 E 8th Ave Eugene (541) 345-4167
Oregon Pound Martial Arts Cheldelin Middle School, at 987 NE Conifer Blvd. Corvallis (541) 929-5503
Salem Martial Arts 4564 Commercial St. SE Salem (503) 371-4856
US WORLD CLASS TAEKWONDO 19411 SW Boones Ferry Rd Tualatin (503) 885-1500
Shin's Martial Arts Institute 250 Broadalbin St. SW, #109 Albany (541) 928-1001
Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy PO Box 91418 Portland (503) 626-8391
High Desert Martial Arts 2535 NE Studio Rd Bend (541) 647-1220
MUSA MARTIAL ARTS 16410 SW Langer Drive Sherwood (503) 925-1500
Choi's Taekwondo Academy 3220 S Troutdale Rd Troutdale (503) 766-2421
THE SCHOOL OF RESPECT 351 East Main Hillsboro (503) 615-8854
Portland Academy of Self-defense 8425 SW Terwilliger Blvd Portland (503) 449-6419
Kim's Taekwon-Do 8113 SE 13th Portland
YONG-IN OREGON TAE KWON DO 7323 S.W. Barnes Rd. Portland (503) 292-7887
U.S. World Class Taekwondo - West Slope 8907 SW Canyon Rd Portland (503) 297-2311
Maye Martial Arts 1550 Columbia Blvd Saint Helens (503) 396-7222
Dragon Brand Martial Arts & Karate of Gresham 755 SE 202nd Avenue Gresham (503) 465-5577
Sunrise Taekwondo 12048 SE Sunnyside Rd Clackamas (503) 498-6630
World Champion Taekwondo - West Union 18335 NW West Union Rd Suite H Portland (503) 531-3500
Master Kim's World Champion Taekwondo 17 S State St Lake Oswego (503) 534-8901
World Class Taekwondo Salem 5070 Commercial Street SE, Suite 120 Salem (503) 566-8000

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